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Testimonial from Kevin James

Kevin James (Producer; KRLA 870 AM LIVE RADIO) here with a listener note sent to me about Dr. Sam Markzar, the director & specialist at Beverly Hills Periodontal Arts & Implants.
He writes . . “I made a trip to Dr. Markzar’s office for a big implant evaluation, & he was almost 50% less moneywise than what I got from my wife’s specialist  just a Block down Wilshire.!! Looks like I made my choice!  Not only because his fees were cheaper , but he explained everything in a much clearer & thorough way. Thank you Kevin for excellent recommendation.”   “(pt.: Stan Ch.)

You see folks, you can have permanent, real,& FIXED teeth again . . .. affordably.

Replace 1 or more missing teeth, or dentures with dental implants from Dr. Sam Markzar.  He’s a Periodontics & Implantology specialist from USC. . who uses the latest,  most  comfortable technology.. . virtually painless!  You’ll look great . . in one day . . back to work the same day!

Interest free financing . . credit cards welcomed . . AND.. open on Saturdays!!!!

Call for a free evaluation with Dr. Sam personally . . ask about their special rates for KRLA listeners. at 310-775-2100.  310-775-2100.

Bite into life again . . with implants from Beverly Hills Periodontal Arts & Implants.

Call 310-775-2100 for your free evaluation.  310-775-2100.

Letter from Lester H

January 28th, 2007 Dear Dr. Sam Markzar, I am sending you this letter to thank you for what you have done for improving my life.

When I first came to your office I had infections in my gums and my upper bridge was broken and it would move when I talked.  I could eat only soft foods and had difficulty in pronouncing words. I am in senior management position in sales and this had a very negative impact on my job as well as my personal life.  I would never smile because I did not want anyone to see my bad teeth.  You recommended that I either have implants and a fixed Implant Bridge work, or at least Implant supported Denture.

My previous dentist recommended a removable denture on my upper mouth.  He said it was the best way to proceed.  We had to remove the broken bridge, as well as the remaining teeth  (due to them being loosened and infectious).    I decided that I did not want a removable denture the rest of my life and decided to have you insert the implants and create a fixed bridge.

With the removable denture, I had numerous problems including not being able to eat many foods.  I drink a lot of hot coffee and this would cause my denture to loosen and it would move sometimes making it difficult to speak.   The denture also covered the upper part of my mouth that prevented me from speaking clearly, and severely reduced my ability to taste foods.   I lost a lot of confidence when I performed presentations to large groups and in my personal life as well.

Your insertion of the implants went extremely well.  I experienced no pain during the procedure or afterwards.    When the fixed Bridge work was inserted on my implants, I felt like a new person. It fit perfectly and looked great.   My confidence went though the roof.  After a few days my pronunciation of words came back to the way they were long time ago. My voice was much clearer and I could pronounce words correctly. I immediately gained confidence and smiled for the first time in years.   I could finally taste foods again, and did not have the embarrassment of taking my denture out at night.  I do not think that you could ever put a price on the value of what you have done for my life.  I highly recommend that everyone should choose implants over any removable denture.

Thank you very much, ….& for ever.
Les H.

P.S.; I’d be delighted to personally share my excellent experience with you, your superb treatment, & your office staff, with others;  anytime,.!…You can have them call me too !

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