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Easy appointment scheduling. Very nice assistants who offered good advice before I ever saw the doctor. Beautiful, clean office. The doctor was very personable, and didn’t seem inclined to sell me something I didn’t need. Would definitely recommend.

-Karen B.

Dr Markzar is a True professional!!!
I had a tooth that was abcessed and needed to be taken out. There was no doubt in my mind who I would pick to remove it. Dr Markzar was so gentle that I literally felt no pain during the procedure and after. He walked me through every step so I felt very at ease during the procedure. Dr Markzar takes pride in his attention to detail and is knowledgeable in his field. He and his staff are very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a excellent Periodontist.

-Martha C.

Dr. Markzar is the best! He is very personable, does quality work in a clean environment and never tries to force unnecessary procedures. His staff is professional and courteous. I enjoy being able to receive text reminders about my medicine, appointment and traffic alerts. First class operation. Parking can be tricky so make sure to park down the block in the city structure (2 hrs for free), short walk passing a Starbucks for on the way back.

-Jennifer I.

Today was my first visit with Dr. Markzar based on a referral by my dentist. His staff was very nice and efficient, which was a relief. I have been jaded with inefficient and unprofessional front desk help, this was refreshing.

As for Dr. Markzar, he gave me all the time I needed. He never rushed me, tried to sell me something that wasn’t needed, a true mensch. My prior periodontist was a egotistical sales man.

Dr. Markzar made me feel relaxed, and I trusted what he had to say. He was straight forward and explained my condition in a cerebral manner and with care. I am now a fan. I feel now I found someone I can believe in.

-Shirra P.

After years of trying to find a good dentist as well as a hygienist I finally found Dr. Sam Markzar. Not only is he the sweetest caring and talented dentist I have ever come across, his staff welcomes you with the warmest greeting. Dr. Markzar is so talented and has skills that are very hard to find. I was always afraid of getting cleanings because of the horrible experiences I have had, but after experiencing a cleaning with hygienist Princess I knew I was in good hands. She is very gentle, caring, and does a very thorough job. It was an absolute pleasure and I almost even fell asleep in her chair. Any questions or concerns I had, the staff was always ready to help and gave me clear detailed answers. Trust me when I say you will not regret going to this dental office and experiencing great quality care.

-Mona G.

The best medical professional of any kind I have ever encountered.

Dr. Markzar is very thorough in explaining everything and makes sure you understand. You never feel like he is rushed. He takes all the time that is needed.

He explained everything so well, I almost thought I could perform the procedure myself! (;

He’s also a perfectionist. Everything he does is done right.

If you need a dental implant. Look no further. He’s the best there is.

Western Dental quoted me over $2,000 more for the same procedure. See my Western Dental review if you want more info. about that. His prices are fair and competitive. They are not all about the money, they are all about the patient!

The office staff is superb. The best office staff ever. Seriously, they are great. They fought for me to get my insurance company to pony up for their part of the procedure. While other offices would have given up, they didn’t and finally got them to pay.

This place is the best of the best. If I could only give 5 stars to one place, this is the place I’d choose. They are that good!

No one put me up to writing this review. I would not believe the negative reviews at all. You’ll see for yourself what a professionally run operation this is.

Case in point. I was so impressed with Dr. Markzar that I wanted him to put in the crown after the implant. He didn’t want to step on my regular dentist’s toes, so he very politely refused. The crowns are the easy money in dentistry, and he passed on it and chose professional courtesy and ethics instead.

-Nick A.

This Dr. Is by far the greatest. He does everything perfect quality, quick and without any pain. He did a surgery for me and it took him 30 minutes and i didnt feel a pinch. I highly recommend this dr.

-Bahareh N.

I never write reviews, primarily because my Yelp app is utilized to find Trader Joes near me, maintain bookmarks for snobby restaurants I saw on TV I’ll never go to, and because I am a social media neophyte, but I am taking the time to do this because Dr. Markzar was a truly amazing and considerate doctor and his team are some of the most sincere and caring people I have met. (Mind you, this is Los Angeles, so consider how difficult it is to find people of this caliber in a city where poor bedside manner and greed is more commonplace than quality care amidst the medical profession.)

Let me start off by explaining that I am a legit hypochondriac–not in a funny character actor in an ABC sitcom kind of way, but hyperventilating into a paper bag sort of thing. I have had eyes rolled at me by doctors and have been made to feel small and pathetic by support staff in the past, but Dr. Markzar and his staff did no such thing. I went in for a small blemish-like spot on my lower gums that had persisted for a month and had my stomach in knots. They reassured me that it was ok to feel a little anxious and prioritized me that very day I called, fitting me in for a midday appointment. Upon arrival, they met me with smiles (GREAT fucking smiles, PS) and greeted me by name right away. They made me not only feel comfortable, but answered all my questions patiently and were unconditionally kind.

I think at the end of the day, everyone is struggling in some way and we all just need a little more kindness in our lives. To be given that, along with the undeniable knowledge, professionalism, and care provided is something to consider–that you as a patient do not represent a bunch of dollar signs, but are actually cared for and looked at as a person.

-Sarah C.

I am new to the area and in the process of finding my “people” (Dr.s, Church, Gym) I find myself spending a lot of time researching on Yelp. I thought it was time I pay it back/forward so I joined up.

I found my Dentist through Yelp – Dr. Corn. I needed a “crown” so he referred me to Dr. Markzar for the implant surgery portion. I am thrilled with the entire office! I have had a ton of Dental work throughout my life, so I have a lot with which to compare this experience.

Kathryn was totally cool about scheduling and completely up front about the costs and the insurance aspect. She explained everything to me without making me feel like it was a burden. Jenniah is always pleasant. Also, I adore Henry, Dr. Markzar’s assistant. The office itself is on a high floor so you are treated to an amazing view of the Hollywood Hills while in “the chair.”

Dr. Markzar went to great lengths to explain my options and their pro’s and con’s. I almost felt like I wanted to “rush” him! I never felt like he wanted me to hurry up with my questions (or that my questions were “dumb”), nor did I feel that he wanted to “upsell” or lead me to the more expensive procedure.

As far as the actual surgery, I am used to getting the gas or twilight for dental surgeries but Dr, Markzar didn’t use either and it was totally fine! He and Henry worked together so respectfully. (I have been in the situation of the Dr talking down to the assistant before and it makes me totally uncomfortable) They prepared me for what I may experience the next few days, but I didn’t experience any of the possible side effects! No bruising (and I bruise easily) and no bleeding!

I am seriously trying to think of something negative to balance this review out, but I’ve got nothing! The office is clean and beautiful but not so over the top that you feel like your money is going for a luxury waiting room instead of your care. The staff strikes the perfect balance between professional and personable. The price seemed along the lines of what I have experienced before in the Midwest and the level of care and skill left me totally satisfied.

-Julie B.

Amazing amazing amazing! Dr Markzar just performed an extraction and bone graft on me. I have been I the dental field for 6+ years and never have a met a periodontist who is so gentle and caring. Best chairs idea manners ever. And is staff, wow! All are friendly, caring and knowledgeable. The procedure was painless, even when he did the injection to numb the area I only felt a slight pinch and nothing after that. Dr and his staff made sure I was comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole procedure. They also kept me informed of what they were doing and what was happening throughout the entire procedure. I had heard many good things about Dr. Markzar and all were true. I will definitely be referring all my family, friends, and patients to Dr. Markzar for any and all their periodontal and implant needs.
Dr. Markzar you are absolutely amazing. Your very warm and kind, you made me feel very comfortable and I was absolutely stunned by how painless and smoothly everything went. Thank you so much for all your hard work.
Genaia (sorry for the misspelling your name) thank you for all your help with scheduling and making the payment portion a breeze.
Henry thank you for the detailed explanation for post op in home care. You were gentle and efficient throughout the entire procedure.
and thank you to the rest of the staff as well for everything. You guys make a great team. THANK YOU!!

Sandra F.

OK, after a bit of a rocky start, I’m happy to say that my experience with the office has been wonderful and Jenniah has been so helpful. Dr. Markzar performed my gum procedure and everything went really well. He even called to check up on me a few times immediately afterwards to see how I was doing. I’m the type of person who bruises very easily (pretty much after almost every dental procedure I’ve ever had) but I had zero bruising after this procedure. That’s how skilled Dr. Markzar is. I’m very confident in giving a solid 5 stars. I highly recommend him. He’s the best.


I get my regular cleanings at Dr. Markzar’s office – his staff is friendly, professional, great with reminders and more importantly they do a great job with my dental care! I get a periodontal check regularly, they aren’t pushy with trying to up sell anything and Dr. Markzar is one of the sweetest guys ever! He pulled my top wisdom teeth a while ago and it was such a smooth and painless process. I highly recommend this practice & Dr. Markzar!

-Can M.

My experiences with Dr. Markzar have all been positive. Eleven years ago I had three implant surgeries. The procedure was amazingly painless. This doc has the most gentle manner both in speech, demeanor and in his procedures. My implants remain healthy, and my check up last month reiterated Dr. M’s stella professionalism. During my check up his touch was so gentle it felt like a massage! I have referred good friends and relatives to him, and they too have had positive experiences. Highly recommend!

-Louise B.

Dr. Sam Markzar is a genius! Having taken care of many famous folks, ( Jim Carey is a patient) my darling husband spent the entire day getting prepped for his future implants.
The kind and gentle treatment was just the start. Every step of the way Dr. Markzar kept my husband informed of what he could expect next. No pain and no surprises!
The office staff are courteous and professional, smiles all around!

Parking is tricky anywhere in Beverly Hills so make sure you bring coins or can park and pay. Getting the quality service and having a beautiful smile is so worth the trip to see the best periodontal doctor around! Thank you Dr. Markzar

-Cynthia S.

Dr. Markzar is a very kind, gentle, skillful and brilliant professional. He did surgery on three quadrants of my mouth. One still remains to be done. I had a problem with pockets and severe tori in my gums. When I first went to see Dr. Markzar he patiently explained what I needed to have done and why and explicitly told me what he would do to remedy my problem. He was very thorough in his explanations. I had no questions at all. During the surgeries I felt no pain at all. I had no problems after any of the three surgeries. He did such an excellent job that when I went to my regular dentist for my cleaning she mentioned to me, ” what a beautiful job he did.” I have one more to go and I am not even nervous to have it done (quite unlike me.). I highly recommend Dr. Markzar if you want a perfect job done with kindness and caring. His entire staff is knowledgeable and helpful too. Doesn’t get any better!

-Bonnie B.

I HIGHLYY recommend Dr Markzar!!! There are many periodontists out there that will do anything to gain a couple thousand dollars. DO NOT get fooled by all the advertisements you hear about other Dr’s low cost Implant fees. It is extremely important to go to a highly educated surgeon. I mean this is surgery were talking about! Do your research and amongst your research, you will find that Dr Markzar is probably one of the BEST periodontists. Not only does he have reasonable fees, but he’s an excellent surgeon. On your consultation visit, he takes a lot of time educating you. You will not leave the office without gaining an immense amount of knowledge about periodontal disease/implants/whatever concerns you may have.

A USC assistant professor, always lecturing and teaching other students/doctors how to perform the best quality work for patients, Dr Markzar is one doctor I’d suggest you meet. He is well spoken, very detail oriented, and cares tremendously for his patients.

I highly recommend Dr Markzar. You will be incredibly impressed with his work and his incredible devotion to his patients.

-Daisy S.