Three Teeth Damaging Dental Habits

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If you want a successful smile and oral health, you’ll want to avoid certain tooth-harming habits that can increase your chance of dental damage and injury. Let’s talk about a few of those habits.

Chewing on ice: Did you know that the hard brittle texture and cold temperature of the ice can encourage your teeth to fracture? The ice cubes tend to cause microscopic fractures in the tooth, which can lead to major cracks and damage in the future.

Using your teeth as tools: When we say using teeth as tools, we mean using them to open things, like bags of food, packages, containers, or even ripping off tags from clothing and other products. These actions can really wear your smile out. In fact, in time it can traumatize the teeth and create fractures.

Grinding your teeth: Since this often occurs at night while you sleep, it can be difficult to tell if you even grind your teeth. Sometimes your sleeping partner will tell you about it. Or you’ll notice the long term results after your teeth have already become worn. You may also notice that your jaw or ears hurt when you wake up. However you may have learned about it, you can control the impact. Treatments include wearing a night guard, taking relaxation classes, avoiding coffee, and using relaxation techniques.

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