General Information About Dangerous Foods You Need to Avoid

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Do you generally know which foods and drinks can damage your teeth? Even though we often think of sugary products as the main offender to optimum oral health, it is not the only ingredient that can lead to serious harm to our smiles. Your teeth can also be damaged by an assortment of delectable delights that you should always exercise caution with.

Not all damage to your teeth occurs due to dental erosion. Your teeth are always highly susceptible to oral accidents as well. This can include physical trauma to the teeth, which can come about by the foods you eat when biting into products that are simply too hard or tough for you to chew through. Hazardous foods to your teeth include corn on the cob, corn kernels, candy apples, and hard candy. To shield your teeth against chipping, cracking, or fracturing, always exercise caution when biting into potentially hard foods, or remove them from your diet altogether.

Some substances can be harmful to your teeth the moment they enter your mouth. This includes acidic foods which can begin to eat through your tooth enamel long before any cleaning methods can be used. Acidic substances such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, and sugary foods and drinks can lead to dental erosion should be avoided at all costs. If they cannot be avoided, they should be consumed as part of a larger meal, which can help counterbalance the acids they contain or create.

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