Effective Gum Cleaning Tools: Water Flossers

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Did you know there are oral health care utensils that you can use to clean between your teeth besides using dental floss? These types of tools are known as interdental tools and one of the most popular in dentistry today is known as a water flosser.

Water flossers are interdental tools designed to clean between your teeth using a beam of water that blasts away residue and bacteria. Water flossers are safe and effective, and can accurately clean between teeth and reach areas that traditional toothbrushes cannot.

When selecting a water flosser, always look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance. The seal is given out by the American Dental Association for products that reach the highest standards of safety and effectiveness. For additional product recommendations, speak with your periodontist.

Water flossers are highly effective for individuals who cannot use traditional threaded floss. In addition, if you have an oral health care treatment that may hinder traditional flosses, such as a dental crown, dental bridge, or orthodontic braces, water flossers are a highly recommended alternative to threaded floss for cleaning between teeth effectively. With water flossers, you can keep your teeth and gums in excellent shape.

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