Don’t Ignore These Telltale Gum Disease Symptoms

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It’s important to be able to recognize gum disease symptoms and understand how they may appear in your smile. Your oral health may be at risk of this harmful gum infection if you practice poor oral hygiene or meet any of the gum disease risk factors, including advanced age, predisposed genetics, hormonal changes, or a habit of using tobacco products.

We encourage you to not overlook these common symptoms of gum disease so that you can avoid extensive dental repairs.

You and your dentist should be regularly examining your smile to determine if you are developing any warnings of gum irritation. The progressive nature of gum disease will cause it to worsen from the more mild stage of gingivitis to advanced cases of tooth loss and raging infection. You can report any potential signs of gum disease to Beverly Hills Periodontal Arts and Implants, such as:

– Gums that look red and swollen
– Frequent bleeding in the gums
– Gum recession or teeth that look longer
– Chronic bad breath
– Shifting and loosened teeth

Our experienced periodontist can help you identify these gum disease symptoms as well as provide customized gum disease treatment to restore your smile to a stable condition. Please feel free to call (310) 776-9119 today if you feel you need to see Dr. Sam Markzar for treatments involving gum disease in Beverly Hills, California.