Dental Health Care Focus: Gum Disease

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Are you displaying any signs of gum disease? Gum disease, also commonly called periodontal disease, is a common disease that infects your gum tissue. Usually, it affects individuals who have poor oral hygiene habits, but it can also be brought on by age, bad habits, hormonal imbalances, and genetics.

Focus your oral health care on gum disease. Save your smile with gum disease treatments and be on the lookout for these key facts:

– Keep an eye out for swollen, bruised, excessively red or bleeding gums.
– Search for signs that your gums are pulling back and away from teeth.
– Look for gums that bleed easily or are abnormally sensitive to the touch.
– Touch and wiggle your teeth to check and see if they are wobbly or loose.
– Look for halitosis signs that keep reappearing.
– Search for signs of poor oral hygiene and improper or neglected oral health care routines.
– Be on the lookout for dry mouth symptoms caused by some foods and medications.
– Were you ever a smoker or drug user, both habits of which put you at an elevated risk for gum disease?

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