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Dental Implants With Beverly Hills Technology

26 December, 2016

Only 10 percent of dentists in the United States place dental implants. While that number is steadily growing, it means it can be difficult to locate a periodontist able to do the procedure. Fortunately, getting dental implants in Beverly Hills only requires you to visit the office of Dr. Sam Markzar. His office utilizes the […]

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Pinhole Technique in Beverly Hills

16 December, 2016

To correct a receding gum line in a smile, the Pinhole Technique in Beverly Hills is frequently used. This is a popular treatment Dr. Sam Markzar utilizes often, and the patients enjoy it as well. It has grown in popularity due to the wide array of benefits it offers when compared to other gum recession […]

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Dental Implants in Beverly Hills

08 December, 2016

Three million people currently have dental implants in America, and with a success rate of 98 percent, it is no wonder why. Implants provide a durable solution for people who have lost a tooth. Dr. Sam Markzar is an expert periodontist offering dental implants in Beverly Hills, so if you have lost a tooth, you […]

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Visit the Top Periodontist Office in Beverly Hills

01 December, 2016

Visit the Top Periodontist Office in Beverly Hills When gums become infected, there is only one place to turn to – your periodontist! Dr. Sam Markzar has been working out of his periodontal office in Beverly Hills for many years, helping people get healthy smiles. There may be 4,000 periodontists in America, but there is […]

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Are Dental Implants in Beverly Hills the Best Option?

21 November, 2016

Nearly three million people in America are missing teeth and many people in Beverly Hills consider dental implants to be the safest and most long-term tooth replacement solution. The decision to replace missing teeth with dental implants in Beverly Hills is an excellent investment in your appearance and oral health. Periodontists such as Dr. Sam […]

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Pinhole Technique in Beverly Hills

11 November, 2016

Discover a Revolutionary Treatment for Gum Recession Abrasive brushing habits, gingivitis, and the natural aging process are all factors that can cause your gumline to recede. Gum recession exposes the roots of your teeth, resulting in potential decay and other oral health issues both along and beneath the gumline. Healthy gums are essential for oral […]

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Dental Implants Beverly Hills

03 November, 2016

Understanding the Long-term Effects of Dental Implants People in Beverly Hills are not immune to losing teeth. In fact, almost three million Americans a year choose dental implants to replace their missing teeth. Dr. Sam Markzar offers exceptional restorations and dental implants in Beverly Hills. Well-placed and maintained dental implants have the potential to last […]

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Beverly Hills Periodontist – Dr. Markzar

24 October, 2016

Innovative Technology for a Beautiful Smile When you are searching for a Beverly Hills periodontist, look no further than the top-rated dentist in the area, Dr. Sam Markzar. You have the right to understand all of your treatment options so you can make an informed decision, and at Beverly Hills Periodontal Arts and Implants you […]

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Why Dental Implants in Beverly Hills?

13 October, 2016

Many people have lost at least one tooth, and last year nearly 3 million Americans chose to replace their missing tooth with a dental implant. People in Beverly Hills are not immune to losing teeth, which is why Dr. Sam Markzar offers exceptional restorations. There are various treatments out there for replacing teeth, but none […]

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Your Top Beverly Hills Periodontist

04 October, 2016

Over 4,000 active periodontists are currently working in the United States. Many of those are located in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area. If this will be your first time meeting with a periodontist in Beverly Hills in a while, then you should heavily consider the skills and expertise possessed by Dr. Sam Markzar. […]

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