The Simple Truth About Bone Grafting

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Did you know bone grafting is a simple dental procedure designed to help restore bone health? Well, it’s true! Dental procedures can be confusing to understand, which is why our team here at Beverly Hills Periodontal Arts and Implants in Beverly Hills, California is happy to talk to you about the simple facts of bone grafting procedures.

Bone grafting is a common dental procedure needed if you suffer from bone loss, especially if you need a dental implant to restore your smile. When your jaw does not have enough bone to support your implant procedure, then your doctor may need to restore the bone loss through bone grafting.

Bone loss can occur for many different reasons. Gum disease can cause tooth loss, which can lead to bone loss if left untreated. When you suffer from tooth loss, this can cause your bone to deteriorate in time. That is why having a bone grafting procedure might be needed to restore your missing tooth.

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