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Dr. Sam S. Markzar, DDS

Crown Lenghthening

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure which allows Dr. Markzar, Beverly Hills periodontist, to recontour gum tissues in order to expose more tooth structure. This procedure is often used in conjunction with placement of a dental crown. Necessary space between supporting bone and dental crown is provided when crown lengthening is performed.

Crown lengthening should be performed prior to applying restorations if tooth decay has extended below the gumline, excess gum protrudes over tooth structure, or if the tooth has fractured below the gumline. This will ensure that patient’s teeth will be restored functionally and aesthetically since gum and bone levels will be adjusted to allow more access to the tooth.

A radiant new smile along with improved periodontal health restores patient’s self-confidence. With functional crown lengthening, patient’s oral health and overall appearance will be significantly improved

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