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Our Technology

We are pleased to welcome you to the office of Dr. Sam Markzar. We encourage all our patients to be fully informed about their options. We use state-of-the-art dental technology and diagnostics in order to ensure that you have all the information needed when it comes to making a decision about treatments and procedures.


I-CAT technology allows our dentist to create a comprehensive treatment plan using high-resolution detailed images of the facial bone structures, soft tissues and teeth.

Anatomage Software

Anatomage Software combines 2D and 3D images to produce the most precise images possible. The resulting high-resolution images allow us to create treatment plans that we can begin to implement immediately.

Simplant Pro Software

Simplant Pro Software allows our dentist to use multiple scanning options, simulate restoration options and transfer information directly to the dental laboratory.

3D Orthodontics Planning

Our 3D Orthodontics Planning allows us to collect critical data in order create a comprehensive treatment plan together with our patients. We can assess facial aesthetics and simulate various treatment plans so that we can work with you to determine the best course of action. Transparency options even allow us to track your progress.

Piezo Electrics

The Piezo tool gives us a greater degree of control over certain surgical procedures and can result in less trauma, less bleeding, less downtime and more predictable results. Surgery usingPiezo Electrics uses sound waves instead of scalpels or other tools. The Piezo tool can be set to cut specific types of tissue, leaving soft tissues, blood vessels and nerve tissues untouched.

Consult Pro

Patient education is the cornerstone of any dental practice. Consult Pro is a dental education software program that explains in-depth the hazards of avoiding treatment, failing to maintain good dental hygiene and the pros and cons of various treatments.

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